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Covid19 2020-07-05

Covid19 thoughts and updates, July 5 edition:

  • I did a small restaurant take-out run and mid-week mini-grocery run. Didn't stay out too long. Ugh, not enough walking though.
  • Watched mass via Facebook again today, after our internet came back. I've already deactivated Facebook, but Church pages are mostly public anyway.
  • As of last night, we are at 41830 cases (+1494 from the day before, +7027 from last week), 1290 deaths (+10 from the day before, +54 from last week), 11453 recoveries (+380 from the day before, +2023 from last week). New cases still accelerating week-on-week, apparently even faster this time. Our death rate remains low, so that's something. Is it because of the widespread mask usage? Reference.
  • The presidential spokesperson, on the eve of July, struck a celebratory tone because we "beat" the prediction of UP experts that there would be 40k cases by the first of July. A "target" we barely met, and probably still crossed anyway due to late reporting/verification. He has rightfully been turned into a meme. Later in the week, he proceeded to go to a resort park to swim with dolphins.
  • Worldwide, we are at 11.3M cases (+1.3M from last week) and around 533k deaths. Ten million! Brazil now a strong number 2, but still at only around half of US numbers. Caveat: these numbers are from Worldometer.
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