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Thread of #mtg JumpStart results: Attempt 1: Milling Elves, 2-0.

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[07:47] Attempt 2: Heavily Armored Enchanted (terrible choices - no way to get things off the board, Thriving lands are bad when monocolored, annoyed whenever I draw Gird for Battle), 2-4

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[08:31] Attempt 3: Feathered Friends + Basri. These white decks aren't good for my daily quests. Even less removal. 2-5. I think that's enough for today.

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[18:18] Attempt 4: Plus One Dragons. 2-0. The sad thing about this format is that you tend to spend more time with the suckier decks and not enough time with the fun ones. (I know, I know, that's actually up to me, but I want to sample as many pairs as possible!)

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[19:30] Attempt 5: Archeology Under The Sea. Why did I go monocolor again? 2-6. Deck was fun, but way too slow (check out that "curve"). Aaaaand I'm out of gold, so that's enough JumpStart for a while.

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[2020-07-20 07:07] Attempt 6: Dinosaurs Reanimated. 2-1. Power level reasonably high, with removal coming mostly from the green side (surprisingly!).

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[2020-07-22 19:11] Attempt 7: Vampires Devilish. Quick 2-1. Kinda boring, but eh. Way too many fours.

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[2020-07-22 20:06] Attempt 8: Liliana Tree Hugging. 3-3. Played a bit extra to complete my quest.

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[2020-07-22 20:32] Attempt 9: Milling Wizards. 2-0. My first repeat! As usual, Milling is super strong.

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[2020-07-22 21:59] Video of attempts 8 and 9 here:

Quoted roytang's tweet:

Played two Jumpstarts! YT:

[2020-07-29 23:29] Attempt 10: Chandra Angels. 2-2. Losses were due to clunky hands (drawings fives and sixes while being stuck at 3-4 lands)

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[2020-07-29 23:48] Attempt 11: Witchcraft Goblins. 2-1. The wins were due to the opponent timing out or randomly quitting early, so that sucks. Out of gold again so I'll just keep this one around for daily quests for a while.

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[2020-08-02 23:43] Attempts 12-14! Rogues Cats 2-1, Seismic Predatory 2-3, Phyrexian Plus One 2-3

Video here:

Quoted roytang's tweet:

Played 3 Jumpstart decks! YT:

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[2020-08-12 23:18] Attempts 15-17! Rogues Above the Clouds 2-3, Smashing Legion 2-4 (forgot to get a deck list screenshot for this one), Dinosaur Dogs 2-0. YT of the games:

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[2020-08-16 03:30] Attempts 18-19! Seismic Doctor (DAMNIT 5th Lavamancer!) 2-2, Basri Walls 2-1. Still missing Garruk and Teferi =/

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[2020-08-17 05:28] JumpStart Attempt 20, the final one for this set (a nice round number): Reanimated Teferi. Got one of the two missing PW packets, although this combination wasn't too great, only went 2-4. Still missing the Garruk one, hopefully we get it if/when JS returns in the future

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[2020-08-17 05:29] Overall, JumpStart was a reasonably fun casual experience, and I fully expect them to bring it back every so often as I think it's very good for the casual new player experience, especially for anyone wanting to build casual historic brews

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Roy Tang said...

@switchfollows format is interesting but now i need more gold lol

@roytang Will be going through it slowly. One month ata siya

@roytang I hope I don't disrupt your research but the art on the Grove card is so beautiful!! (Β΄β–½`δΊΊ)β™‘

Roy Tang said...

@Westraid Yeah, MTG has a bunch of really great artwork, especially for lands. Also, "research" is a great euphemism for basically grinding a game for drops lol

@roytang Some of these would really look great framed!

And I figured you were trying to find some sort of strategy to defeat an opponent! (I really don't know about card games Ξ£(〃▽〃Ω₯) )