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It's a bit interesting, this mentality of "I can't trust this person because they appear to be a goody-goody do-gooder, they're probably fake or have ulterior motives!". I'm no psychologist, so idle speculation thread:

Quoted gangbadoy's tweet:

So, apparently they DO message!


Happy Sunday, everybot!


It makes you wonder what kind of trauma this person must have experienced in his life, to automatically mistrust people who present as good people; were they betrayed by some person who initially presented as a good person?

(IDK Gang Badoy personally, but from what I've seen of her public persona, she hasn't been anything but a decent person.)

I assume it's this same crowd that had a backlash against the "disente" push of the last admin (as if being decent was objectionable) and related more to one who presented himself as a thug since they find him more relatable somehow?

This mentality perhaps speaks to a pessimistic belief that people are inherently bad anyway, so anyone who presents as "good" is a lying faker, and might as well support the ones who present as more "relatable" yet flawed?

It might also reflect on the person's view of himself: he might have a poor self-image or sense of self-worth and projects that to everyone else, hence why he relates more to the problematic people.

Personally, I find it easier on my own sanity to just judge people by their words and deeds, and not by whatever imaginary motives I may ascribe to them. If a person is doing good, then you can assume they are a good person until proven otherwise?

Correspondingly, if someone jokes about rape and murder or makes light of human rights or favors a foreign aggressor, you can judge them by that too. No need to imagine motives beyond what you see and hear.

From Maya Angelou:

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them"

(Disclaimer: this is not to say that one should automatically trust any person who presents as good, just not to unnecessarily assume false motives; use your common sense.)

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