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Upcoming Gaming Things

Some gaming things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks:

  • 12 Mar: Historic anthology 2 and return of Historic ranked in Magic Arena. Looking forward to new cards being added to the Historic pool!
  • 18 Mar: Release of Federations DLC for Stellaris. I'm not planning to get the DLC, what I'm looking forward to is the accompanying free patch since one of the promises is improved late-game performance, something which made playing this game very annoying during the past year. I'm a big fan of how Paradox does continuous content updates for their titles, even now almost 4 years after release. I'll probably eventually get this and the other DLC at some point in the future, but I'm sure I haven't even experienced everything the base game has to offer.
  • 31 Mar: Mount and Blade Bannerlord. I have a friend who can't shut up about this game and he's been looking forward to it forever so I'm kind of looking forward to it as well. I'm not planning to buy it on release, but I hope to see if it's good. I've played Mount and Blade Warband for a nontrivial amount of time, and I really enjoyed the simulation and overworld stuff, but was really bad at the combat, especially mounted combat. I hope the combat gets easier for people like me.
  • 10 Apr: Final Fantasy VII Remake. I recently had a convo with a friend group where one guy said we played FF7 in the summer of 95 and I was like wasn't it summer of 96? But when I looked it up, the game actually came out Sep 1997, so we actually played it in summer of 98! Memory, how does it work? I lent out my PS4 recently and won't get it back before April so I don't get to try the demo, but I'm looking forward to the remake and already have it preordered for PS4!

(I was originally planning to include this in the last weeknotes, but I thought to separate it so it's purely a gaming post.)

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