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RISE OF SKYWALKER Spoiler-free review:

  • the movie is fine and entertaining to watch
  • It's a Star Wars movie, so you pretty much know what to expect, space wizards and space battles and such
  • pacing is frantic in the first act, and a bit in the second. Abrams has a lot of things he wants to do and limited time to do it, so things happen in rapid succession
  • the third act is basically an ode to Return of the Jedi, as a parallel to The Force Awakens' ode to A New Hope. In fact, there is a lot of fanservice for original trilogy fans sprinkled throughout the movie.
  • it is not the best ending I could have imagined for the sequel trilogy, but it is an ending
  • there are a few twists and turns in the movie, but because it's Star Wars, you largely know what to expect from the overall plot
  • magugustuhan ba ni Mama: The movie is generally family-friendly (outside of the violence), but my mom doesn't like space battles and she would probably be confused by the rapid pace of events and all these characters she's not familiar with, so no.
  • I watched in IMAX 3D, but I don't think there was much noticeable 3D, the movie is probably perfectly fine without IMAX
  • there is no post-credits scene
  • I think I liked The Last Jedi more than this one

I have a bit more spoilery comments posted here.

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Comic does not reflect my viewing experience
Comic does not reflect my viewing experience
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