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So NaBloPoMo complete, no big deal. It wasn't much of a challenge since blogging every day for a month is something that I've done multiple times over the past couple of years. It comes out to around 15,900 words written in November, not counting this post. Definitely not as big a thing as completing nanowrimo for instance.

Writing on a regular basis is great, and generally a reasonable use of your time. But the thing about writing daily though is that like any activity that you want to do on a regular basis, you don't always have the energy for it. I could probably keep up the daily posting indefinitely, if blogging were the only thing I was wanted to be doing, but alas that is not true.

That's not to say I'm going to stop posting regularly of course, just that I don't commit myself to doing it every day. The decade's end is coming up, and for sure there's going to be something to be said about that. There are also some longer posts I've been meaning to write, but those are more likely to come after the turn of the year, depending on how my own musings turn out. So chances are that posts still come out on a semi-regular basis.

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