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  1. Criticizing the logistics or implementation of an event doesn’t necessarily mean you want it to fail or you want to the organizers to be embarassed. On the contrary, pointing out flaws allows for improvements.
  2. Criticizing the organizers of a sporting event doesn’t mean you don’t support the athletes participating in the event.
  3. Criticizing your country’s leaders and politicians and government doesn’t mean you are unpatriotic. No given politician is the same as the entire government, much less the country. You can love your country and hate your government.

Criticism can arise out of strong positive feelings for the tribe. If you feel strongly about being a member of a tribe, you will be embarassed by screwups and poor judgment by the leadership, thus you are incentivized to criticize in order to avoid embarassment.

That is assuming your tribe is something like “citizens of this nation” instead of something ridiculous like “supporters of this politician.”

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