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A Cradle for Imperfect Thoughts

A lot of people seem to think that blogging as an activity is about writing a well-thought out first draft, revising and researching and revising again until the post is perfected, then finally hitting publish (then possibly realize you had some editing errors and upadating and republishing). I tend to think this sort of perfectionism holds one back, I prefer to publish even when thoughts are yet half-formed and maybe even incomplete, laying the groundwork for revisiting the topic in a later post. One’s thoughts or positions on certain issues aren’t always set in stone, it can be helpful sometimes to commit to writing your thoughts as they are, in the moment, and iterating over them over a longer stretch of time, giving you a view into the history and evolution of your thinking.

What is a blog after all, if not a repository of your thoughts and ideas as they were in the moment, a history of your thinking through the years?

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