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JOKER spoiler-free review:

  • very dark movie, not like any previous superhero movies at all; don't bring your kids
  • it is violent and potentially disturbing, but strangely not as much as the hype made it out to be
  • Joaquin Phoenix definitely gives a pretty good performance, but IDK about the supposed "Oscar-worthy" hype
  • some of the shots feels like the director definitely had a lot of fun bringing this story to life
  • I would have liked less connection to the Batman mythos so that this movie is more stand-alone. I mean, it is pretty much stand-alone, but it does remind you where it's set and direct connections to the Mythos exist
  • I think a lot of the story and plot elements are handled well, any concerns I have would largely be nitpicking
  • No post credits scene
  • i didnt watch in imax and don't think it would be relevant
  • magugustuhan ba ni mama: sure NO
  • Ultimately, I still prefer that Joker's origin story remain undetermined, as it makes him more akin to a natural force of chaos, but I accept this movie as a version that even canon Joker could have told and that might have been believable
  • it's definitely a better movie overall than Suicide Squad, Man of Steel or Dawn of Justice or Justice League, but it's also a different completely type of movie, so the comparison is difficult
  • I still like Ledger's Joker the best, the character is best opposite Batman
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