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I finally got around to watching X-Men Dark Phoenix which I skipped when it came out mainly because (a) poor reviews, and while normally I'd have watched it anyway since I have not missed any of the X-Men movies in the cinema, not even the horrendous Wolverine Origins, there was also to consider that (b) I was in the US at the time and was only willing to spend my precious dollars on one expensive American cinema and Spider-man Far From Home won out. The movie wasn't that bad really, at least I felt better about it than the aforementioned Wolverine Origins. Here are some of my nitpicks. It's not what would've been the best ending for the X-Men series which was really one of the pioneers of the superhero movie revolution (alongside Raimi's Spider-Man), but that's what we got. At least it ended with a big fiery bird explosion in the sky.

I also watched Part 7 of The Ranch on Netflix. The Ranch is one of those weird family comedy/drama shows that wouldn't normally seem to be in my spheres of interest, especially since the show is probably a lot more appealing to conservative/right-wing viewers. (It's often punctuated by country music and the characters regularly criticize Hillary Clinton and mock the idea of climate change.) I will not admit that I got into it mostly because of Elisha Cuthbert. It is a moderately enjoyable show, the kind you don't mind having run in the background while you're doing something else, although it did lose a bit of its comedy punch with the firing/writing off of Danny Masterson ("Hyde" from the 70s show) last season due to #MeToo issues, and the guy they replaced him with hasn't been super impressive thus far.

Slow month again this time. The lull should pick up in October once the fall US shows start off. And there's a bunch of movies I want to watch too but some combination of laziness and lack of time always puts them off.

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