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"That's not insomnia", my friend said, "You have something like a 28-hour sleep cycle."

I laughed and uttered "I'm out of sync with this world!"

I was describing why I was almost late meeting the group for lunch, telling him I had trouble going to sleep and slept at 7am, only waking up at 10am. During the past few days my sleep times have steadily been moving later and later until they pushed into the early morning. And once I was close enough to breakfast time, well, I didn't want to miss breakfast, so I would often push through whatever hazy fog of sleepiness I had and just do stuff until breakfast. It would have been even odds that the sleepiness would have led to actual sleep anyway, I've been lied to before.

I'm not surprised to find that I've written about my insomnia (or whatever it is) before, it's an intractable problem. I even had a relatively good 7hr sleep from Sunday to Monday so I had assumed that I had successfully done a hard reset on my sleep cycle, but no here we are again on Tuesday morning and it's 4am and I'm writing a blog post.

Thinking about this made me export my fitbit data so I could see if I was right about how rare it is for me to get even 6-7 hours of sleep, but after getting the data export and looking through the JSON files I realize that's a lot of data to parse and statistics to generate and I haven't slept yet so I might not be smart enough for this at the moment, so maybe I'll do that another time. (Added to task list.)

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