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Big news in online repositories this week is that Bitbucket is sunsetting support for Mercurial! This might be the death knell for Mercurial, although Git was already the super popular choice before. Back when I started using online source control for my personal coding projects I started out with Bitbucket over Github because they offered unlimited private repos and Mercurial (which I had already tried out before at work, so at first I preferred it over git). Now that Gitlab and Github both offer unlimited private repos, there's no reason to stick with Bitbucket either. I had already migrated most of my private Git repos to Gitlab before, but hadn't realized until now that I also had a couple of Mercurial repos there that needed to be migrated as well. I hadn't touched those repos in so long that I didn't even have Mercurial installed locally anymore! (Although I'm still using the code locally!)

Luckily, converting a mercurial repo to git turned out to be straightforward thanks to a project called fast-export. Modified instructions from a convenient stackoverflow post:

brew install hg # install hg on my mac first
cd ~
hg clone
git clone git://
git init git_repo
cd git_repo
~/fast-export/ -r ~/reponame
git checkout HEAD

The process was fairly quick, and the commit history from the Mercurial side was even retained, I would have been happy just retaining HEAD! After that, I just create a new private repo on Gitlab, set that as the remote, then push to Gitlab as usual.

It's a good thing I remembered to check my Bitbucket account, as apparently they will be deleting the old Mercurial repos when time is up!

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