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Such an uninteresting number. And it hasn’t really been an exceptional 365 days around the sun either, but this has become a bit of a yearly tradition now.

Things I considered doing today:

  • spend the entire day offline (Hah! As if.)
  • go out for a walk at the old university (unlikely to push through, given the gloomy weather recently)
  • go to the mall and buy a new external hard drive and a new monitor and eat at Yabu (I like Yabu) and maybe watch a movie in the cinema (I don’t really feel like going to the mall on a Friday, and there aren’t any good movies to watch apparently)
  • play through Ducktales Remastered on Steam, which I bought last night because it was about to be removed from the store, and stream it live on Twitch
  • binge one of the shows on my TV backlog
  • read through a book. Or maybe books.
  • spend the day drawing
  • work on some personal projects, some updates to this site even
  • sleep all day (not likely I’ll be able to do this)
  • get some more dental work done (… I think I’ll push this off to next week)

The other day a friend who has his birthday a couple of days away from mine told us he’d prefer not to celebrate and not to be greeted, as around this time of the year he always has certain troubles. Birthdays don’t mean as much to grownups. Pretty much just another year, and most years are not enough different from one another that they all kind of blend in together. I still like to do the blog post though, just as a marker of sorts. An increment to a counter. I don’t have any particular deep thoughts or reflections prepared for this one though.

Next year though! Next year is life, the universe and everything!

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