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2019 June

  • 💬 Reply to SeresaTagAraw's tweet:

    @SeresaTagAraw resign na lol

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  • Past me: I'll just book this redeye flight since it's cheap, surely future me can stand to lose some sleep

    Present day me: Curse you past me!

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  • Where do you get your old pics?

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  • instead of rebooting the xmen into the mcu with yet another series of big budget ensemble cast movies that wont be able to give each character the needed focus, why not a game of thrones style tv series instead?

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  • O5 X-Men, except instead of Bobby Drake, we get Elsa Arindelle. The rest of the X-Men timeline proceeds the same way, including Elsa/Icewoman realizing she's gay

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  • Very humbling that as i was dropping out of #MTGSeattle, Kai Budde, who's about the same age as me and started playing #MTG around the same time, made top 4 of the Mythic Championship, after having been semiretired for almost a decade!

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  • It's okay to mess up. Don't dwell on it, learn what you can, and move on

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  • Sigh. Dropped out of the #mtgseattle main event at 1-3. D: Deck didnt even want to play this time gave me 15 lands drawn in one game. Sad face

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  • Damn it I forgot my own rules!

    Quoted roytang's tweet:
    1. read the cards

    2. mulligan well

    3. think before scooping

    4. life is unfair


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  • Ugh started out 1-2 at #mtgseattle. Time for the mythical 6-0 run!

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  • 🔁 Repost from NinaStrohminger:

    I think about this at least once a week

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  • Did another sealed today at #MFSeattle for practice. Deck felt better than yesterday, but did not go as well, finishing 1-2 on some bad draws #mtg

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  • 🔁 Repost from chrissanders88:

    If you're learning a new task, use familiar tools. If you're learning new tools, use a familiar task.

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  • Rob Alexander painting demo earlier at MagicFest Seattle. He did this in about 2 hours; "I can't do it in 30 minutes so I don't have a TV show." Pretty great! #mfseattle #mtg


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  • 🔁 Repost from stevevsninjas:

    The biggest myth about travel is "packing light" - don't bother! Light is available from the sun and artificial sources worldwide.

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  • Harry Potter, except that he loves his Aunt and Uncle. One day he fails to stop a muggle robber because of ministry rules, and that robber later goes on to murder his Uncle Vernon

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  • IDK what to do tomorrow

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  • Lost in the finals of a trial today at GP seattle. Here's the deck I built from my mediocre pool, if that interests you. Hopefully I have better luck in the main event #mtg #MFSeattle

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  • 🔁 Repost from mlq3:

    A truly appropriate use of a quote.

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  • Grilled cheese for brunch