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If you're like me and aren't really familiar with the season posters, and have trouble remembering which season is which, here's a guide:

S - Arrow2 (Slade), Arrow5 (Prometheus), Flash2 (Zoom), Legends3 (Mallus)

A - Arrow1 (Malcolm Merlyn), Flash1 (Reverse Flash), Legends2 (Legion of Doom), Legends4 (Neron), Supergirl4 (Lex Luthor)

B - Arrow6 (Diaz), Arrow7 (Emiko), Flash4 (Thinker)

C - Flash3 (Savitar), Flash5 (Cicada), Supergirl3 (Reign)

D - Arrow3 (Ra's al-Ghul), Legends1 (Vandal Savage), Supergirl2 (Daxamites)

E - Supergirl1 (Astra/Non/Indigo)

F - Arrow4 (Damien Dahrk)

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