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Thanks for indulging us. May I ask (pasensya na, medyo madami, thanks in advance if you choose to respond!):


- how do you feel about the way the admin is handling our relationship with China?

- how do you feel about the alliances with known or perceived corrupt politicos/families like the Marcoses or GMA?

- how do you feel about the way the president plays fast and loose with the facts, pulls out allegations out of nowhere without explanation, attacks the press, the church, etc

- how do you feel about the death of Kian? do you think such abuses by the cops are common or rare?

- do you think the senate should remain independent? do you think it will?


- My top 3 issues with Duterte are: (a) encouragement of a culture of violence; and (b) support for GMA and the Marcoses; (c) apparent willingness to submit to the Chinese govt. For me the vast number of killings (including those done by vigilantes and those of cops trying to fill quotas, imagined or otherwise, and those of innocents) is completely unacceptable. Is there something you can tell me to convince me to support him?


- How do you feel about the liberal party? If you hate them, why? I personally feel they are no more worse than other poltical parties like the NPC, Lakas-CMD, PDP-LABAN etc


- do you feel like the opposition candidates were not qualified to be senators?


- Have there been instances that made you doubt your support for the administration?


- What would be a dealbreaker for you, i.e. something this administration would do that would end your support? In my opinion, the president has personally expressed support and/or tolerance for murder, lying, planting evidence, suppressing the press, political dynasties, vote-buying, making allegations without proof, and so on, so I find it difficult to imagine what could be worse than all of these.

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