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Unsurprisingly the educated segment will lean away from Dut's people, so that's not indicative of anything. 1K respondents can be an appropriate sample size, that's not a problem. While I'm hopeful for the opposition to win, there's a good chance the surveys are reliable

Quoted MrFrankBaraan's tweet:

Surveys have more than 1K respondents only?

So, all this hogwash about Hugpong senatorial candidates leading in the polls could actually be erroneous & slantedโ€”& mind-conditioning!

B/c university surveys show that #OtsoDiretso candidates are actually popular among young voters.

There is of course the remote possibility of all the surveys so far being manipulated somehow, but honestly the Filipino electorate doesnt give me much hope

Unpopular or less well-known candidates complain about survey mind-conditioning all the time, but it's not unsurmountable. Duts himself was near the tail-end of surveys when he declared and rose continously through the ranks as election day neared