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I've already written extensively about Avengers Endgame, but there are other things I watched this month too.

Shazam came out early this month, and while it was unfortunately sandwiched between MCU blockbusters, it was a fun adventure romp and surprised me in a few ways. I wrote a short spoiler-free review over on Tumblr.

TV-wise, I've been on a rewatch binge of 30 Rock that unfortunately started with season 4 due to Amazon Prime's weird way of presenting things. I've already blown past the series finale and wrapped around to the start and currently at season 2, so close to completion. The series is as great and insane as I remember. It's like a more outrageous version of ensemble comedies like Parks and Recreation, and though I am fonder of PNR, I can see why 30 Rock is the more award-winning show.

Both Star Trek Discovery and The Orville finished their second seasons this month. Discovery closed off their time loops neatly and sent the Discovery into an unknown future, meaning they get to start season 3 now no longer bound by Star Trek history and free to forge their own path. The season was ok, I enjoyed the classic Trek references and all the timey-wimey stuff. The Orville had a great season, with the introduction of a new enemy empire and possibly one of the best TV space battles of all time. They ended their season with a timey-wimey episode as well, looks like that's a trend for April.

Game of Thrones final season started up in April of course, and its only halfway through. I'll probably have a lot more to say about it when the season ends in May.

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