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Tasks you enjoy

There are two kinds of tasks you get done:

  • there are the tasks that you just want to get over with, the ones you only do because you basically have to do or face more dire consequences later. An example going to the dentist. (Nobody enjoys going to the dentist right?) You can’t just put it off forever, so you just want to get it done as fast as possible.
  • and then there are the tasks you enjoy, the tasks you look forward to getting done, the tasks that give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment when you turn them in. And when you turn the task in, it leaves you wanting for more.

Whether a particular task falls under the first group or the second group may vary from person to person. (Except possibly the dentist. Again, nobody enjoys going to the dentist, right?). But I would guess one of the things that leads to a more satisfying life would be finding ways to minimize the number of tasks you do under the first group and maximizing the second group.

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