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Since I'm easily distracted, I often tumble down rabbit holes way too easily. You know the kind of rabbit holes I'm talking about: you just want to lookup the name of that actor who appeared in that movie and suddenly you find yourself forty minutes into a Wikipedia dive with three different tabs open, none of them remotely related to what you were originally searching for. (Wikipedia could also be IMDB, Reddit, or TV Tropes).

There's also the rabbit holes of video games - I've probably spent like 20 hours over the long weekend picking up a 2017 save game of Tales of Hearts R on my Vita. I've finished the game, but then there's the post game and the New Game+ etc. So maybe not a review yet. I was really just looking to see what options I'd have to keep myself entertained during the long plane rides I have scheduled in a couple of months.

There's also the rabbit hole of streaming TV - I've found out that 30 Rock is on Amazon Prime Video so I'm about halfway through season five right now (don't worry, I started with season four because APV likes to have random seasons for some reason). This show is great to rewatch and has a lot of ridiculous lines that I wish I could quote in real life.

So that's my long weekend. Not that I haven't been productive at all. I did manage to dive into the rabbit hole of spring cleaning a bit, moving things around and dusting and throwing things into a garbage bag at 11:30 in the evening, and that satisfied my OC-ness for a bit. But there were some side projects I wanted to get into and and didn't get to, and so on.

I think falling down rabbit holes is okay, as long as you recognize what's happening to you and you have the self-control to pull yourself back as needed. Everything in moderation, as they say. Today is a Monday, so back to dreary real-life responsibilities and less rabbits for now I guess.

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