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Project Management Tip: Kalma Lang

A friend messaged me a while back asking for advice as he was going to be a first time project manager. I don’t identify as a project manager (even though I have done quite a bit of project management work), so I didn’t really have much to say. But I did meet up with a project manager friend later on and asked her if she had any tips. And she told me that one of the best tips she could give was one that I myself told her a long time ago:

Kalma lang. (Keep calm.)

Should be common sense. Project management is all about decision making, and being emotional makes for bad decisions. But this can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment, in the middle of a crisis that came after three other crises, or when people are shouting at each other.

Thanks to past me for seeding some wisdom that would come back to me again.

Kalma lang.

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