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Another repost from my Quora answers. Back in 2016 when I was on a work hiatus, I answered a lot of “how to live” questions on Quora, this is one of them.

How can I find my interests in life?

Look everywhere. Try everything.

Life is varied and has a wider scope than you could possibly imagine. Step outside your comfort zone. Visit new places. Sign up for strange classes. Go down roads you don’t normally follow. Walk into new stores you’ve never visited. Eat at new restaurants with cuisine you’ve never tried before.

Talk to new people. Ask them about that cool thing they just did. Ask them what they do for a living. Ask them what interesting thing happened to them last week. Ask them how they met their SO. Ask them who was the coolest person they knew. Try to meet that person too.

Learn new skills. Develop new hobbies. Watch new tv shows. Read more books.

Live, live, live.

Link to the original answer on Quora.

Edit: Supplemental follow-up: The above advice doesn’t mean living a life of constant adventure (we can’t all be Scrooge McDuck). Heaven knows I’m not super adventurous myself so I can’t really give that advice. But I think we should always be consciously pushing our boundaries and stepping outside our comfort zones, to see what lies beyond. We don’t have to explore every corner of the world, but we can expand our own small corners of it, as much as we can.

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