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I’ve been diagnosed as hypertensive for fourteen years now, so I’ve been taking these maintenance meds every morning. I’m terrible at it, mostly due to forgetfulness, so I often miss some days. Just this morning, I was watching a Parks and Recreation 10th Anniversary Reunion panel after coming back upstairs from breakfast, and I saw the meds on my desk and I was like “I should take my meds now. Wait, have I already taken my meds?” I don’t think the problem is senility or old age, I’ve basically had this problem for as long as I’ve been taking the meds. (More likely the problem is still being easily distracted.)

The only reasonably effective solution I’ve had is to use one of those plastic containers with slots for each day of the week. The idea is that at the start of the week, I should put one pill in for each day, and I would know if I’d already taken my meds for the day if the slot wasn’t filled. But the problem with this solution is that sometimes I’m too lazy to populate the slots and just wing it for the week and then I’m back in trouble.

So what now? I suppose I could just take a second pill to be sure. It would probably be okay, right?

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