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- I watched Endgame exactly 365 days after watching Infinity War! (And also 3 years to the day after watching Civil War)
- I approve of this movie as a fitting end to the last decade of Marvel films. This is a slam dunk ending. They could end it here, with no additional MCU movies/shows coming out and that would be completely fine
- I approve of how little information about the movie managed to leak, I approve of the trailers and the marketing campaign: just enough to get hyped but nothing too spoilery
- There is a lot to unpack, but its impossible to cover anything without getting into spoilers, but I’m very happy with the movie and the fan service, especially as a comic book fan.
- the plot starts out slow and moves quickly at the end. If you have to pee, better to do it sometime during the first hour; I found myself holding my pee for the last hour of the movie and not wanting to miss anything, it was not pleasant
- Imax was fine, but without probably also would have been fine
- There is supposedly no post-credits, I wouldn’t know as I couldn’t hold it much longer and left mid-credits. The first half of the credits was nice though
- Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: No, same issue as Infinity War, too many characters to follow
- They’re going to earn a bajillion dollars with this one