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The PS Vita has officially ended production.

Sadness for the little handheld that could. The PSP that came before it was a juggernaut, and so was the 3DS it went into battle with. Unfortunately Sony never gave the Vita proper support, and third parties didn't follow, so the handheld never lived up to its true potential.

I haven't had much opportunity for handheld gaming the past few years, since I don't travel as much anymore. But I still pick up my PS Vita every so often, much more so than my 3DS (which my niece has absconded with anyway). And I still have a few more games there I consider part of my backlog I want to someday finish. (Namely Tales of Hearts R and Zero Time Dilemma, at the very least) And my Vita is still doing pretty well, no obvious issues, so I'm hoping it can stick around for a long while.

RIP Ps Vita which was discontinued last week (mine is still going strong!) (Click to view full-size)
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