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  • movie was pretty good, no major issues
  • doesnt follow the typical MCU origin story ‘formula’
  • some weird pacing issues in a few places, but that just might be because of the chosen story direction
  • lots of little call-outs and tie-ins to the other MCU movies (although I feel like they could have done a bit more in some spots)
  • I am not a cat person. But if you are a cat person, you might like this: there is a cat.
  • There’s some parts that made it obvious they were aiming for that Wonder Woman audience, so the movie may be better for you if you’re in that demo (but I think WW was a better movie overall)
  • Imax was pretty good, nothing too excessive
  • Midcredits scene, and postcredits scene
  • Magugustuhan ba ni mama? Possibly! Also, its a good idea to bring little girls to watch this movie

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