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  • movie was pretty good, no major issues
  • doesnt follow the typical MCU origin story ‘formula’
  • some weird pacing issues in a few places, but that just might be because of the chosen story direction
  • lots of little call-outs and tie-ins to the other MCU movies (although I feel like they could have done a bit more in some spots)
  • I am not a cat person. But if you are a cat person, you might like this: there is a cat.
  • There’s some parts that made it obvious they were aiming for that Wonder Woman audience, so the movie may be better for you if you’re in that demo (but I think WW was a better movie overall)
  • Imax was pretty good, nothing too excessive
  • Midcredits scene, and postcredits scene
  • Magugustuhan ba ni mama? Possibly! Also, its a good idea to bring little girls to watch this movie
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Jvee Veneracion said...

Mylee Ejercito pace yourself. You might get banned again.

Roy Tang said...

where did you get banned

Mylee Ejercito said...

Roy Tang from liking lang naman on fb

Marco Asperas said...

Always like your reviews


So pwede ang 7 and 2 year old girls dun sa movie? 😁

Roy Tang said...

There’s still the usual fighting and all that, if you ‘re fine with that for the two year old, should be fine

Kristine Casas said...

nakita mo na yung ABS-CBN News post na "just OK" daw lol

Roy Tang said...

I think thats fine as a matter of opinion. I did find some faults in the plot and the pacing, but nothing too major, so I can see how some might view it as just ok