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Some things I've been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow:

I watched Alita: Battle Angel, with the friend who introduced me to the series in the first place. The movie looked fantastic and the fight scenes were great. Plot was supercondensed, several books' worth of story combined into one. Ended in a weird place, kinda? Easily the best western live action anime adaptation by far.

On I wrote:

Watched Alita: Battle Angel earlier today. Pretty good. Fast pace, excellent visuals and fight scenes. They tried to cram a lot of the source material into a two hour movie. I felt like they ended in a weird spot, obviously expecting to be able to do a follow up

After watching I immediately passed by a friend's house to borrow these. Must be more than a decade since I last read them

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In another volume of "catching up with older films to improve my geek cred", I watched The Usual Suspects on Netflix. The movie was still really good, despite the internet having spoiled the Keyser Soze twist for me (and countless others) many years ago. I can see why Spacey won an Oscar for his performance here.

I saw Ralph Breaks The Internet with the nieces last weekend. The younger one really enjoyed the scenes with the Disney princesses. Movie was pretty good, despite losing the novelty of the first film. Many tropes were visited.

Over on the Netflix side, I've been enjoying The Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj. Highly informative about a wide range of topics, I thought it would be solely about politics, but there were some surprising discussions on things like, uh, shoes? Conservatives may be annoyed by the liberal bias, but otherwise the show does a good job of breaking down complicated topics.

They also had a few seasons of Family Guy up recently, and it's a pretty good series to have running in the background while I'm working on other stuff so I managed to watch all of it fairly easily. I'm not sure it's good for my mental health though.

Speaking of Seth MacFarlane shows, I've caught up with The Orville recently, and this show has been great. It's basically Star Trek for a newer generation, but with a different (and sometimes more interesting) mythos and history and so on. The show is much more willing to tackle complex ideas relevant to the modern world as well. I hope it does well and goes on for many seasons to come.

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