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Picking Your Battles

I used to be super easy to goad into a debate. It’s a clear weakness to my projected DGAF attitude actually. Well, the main thing is that I enjoy lively discussion, even though it can often lead into chaos.

I soured a bit on online debate during the 2016 election season though. Too many people I knew getting butthurt or reacting poorly. Someone I knew since high school unfriended me over some imagined slight even. Probably face to face discussions are better for people you know personally. Somehow debating online is easier with strangers. Maybe it’s because you can dismiss them out of your life easily?

In any case, picking your battles is a necessary skill I need to improve on. I’m much more selective nowadays about when I choose to engage. I still enjoy the occasional good debate, but those can be difficult to find.

I even hold back myself from playing devil’s advocate these days, especially when a friend is ranting about something or other. There’s a good time to play devil’s advocate, but when someone’s ranting, they probably just want to rant.

The world needs more rational discourse.

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