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Broken Streak

I thought I had a post scheduled yesterday, but I didn’t. That broke a continuous streak of 124 days of daily blogging. I thought about writing a post and publishing it retroactively, but that seems like the kind of BS Type A behavior I kind of want to avoid these days. At least I did a lot better than the last time I tried daily blogging in October 2006, when I only managed 23 posts for the month.

On the bright side, that gave me something easy to write about today. And now that I’ve broken the streak I thought, “Does this mean I can go back to an irregular blogging schedule?” It’s like the way Kenshin was wondering if he had to return to the vagabond life after he thought he was forced to kill Chou using a regular blade.

Of course, as I mentioned in Don’t Break the Chain, breaking streaks are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you stop. I feel like the daily blogging has generally been a net positive so far, so it’s something that’s gonna go on, as much as possible. Here’s to hoping I don’t screw up and immediately miss tomorrow’s post as well.

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