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Things that bring me joy

After yesterday’s post about Konmari, I thought about some stuff that brings me joy, some of them despite my better judgment:

  • learning new things. This is a bit uncommon I guess, so it makes me a bit of a nerd. Luckily nerds are cool now, or something. Okay, this is super positive I guess.
  • being argumentative. I love a good debate. However, since the 2016 election season, I’ve cut back on this significantly. It’s only fun if the debaters aren’t fanatics and understand that the goal of debate isn’t victory, but progress
  • following at least one person on social media who I disagree with. Like, there’s this guy I follow on Twitter, an American expat living in the PH, and he’s so pro-Trump and pro-guns and so on. He is anti-Duterte though, which I find kind of fascinating. I also have a token pro-Duterte friend I still have unmuted on Facebook. It helps to get an occasional glimpse of what “the other side” is thinking. Maybe not too much though, and definitely avoid anyone too toxic.
  • complaining about things. There are people who say you should avoid being so negative, but sometimes complaining about things can be cathartic. Also, if we didn’t voice disapproval about things going on in society, how would politicians know how to pivot? Complaining can sometimes be unreasonable, but all progress depends on the unreasonable man
  • diving into the comment section. Oh boy. Someone posted an article and warned not to go into the comments because they’re toxic, and I kind of take that as an invitation. It’s not advisable to do this all the time (you might get cancer), but sometimes I’ll dive in just to see how ridiculous humans are

Actually, some of these might be worth blog posts on their own. Maybe I’ll stop here.

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