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Some Youtube Channels I Like

Some Youtube channels I’ve been enjoying recently:

ComicTropes is a weekly show that does deep dives into various mainstream comics titles, and often includes the background history of characters and creators, so very interesting stuff for comic book nerds.

GameMaker’s ToolKit talks about video game level design topics. His series “Boss Keys” does a deep dive into Zelda dungeons and analyzes them based on criteria like linearity. His level design analyses are strongly based on systems and gameplay and how they affect the player experience. Good stuff.

EmGo is a Transformers toy reviewer that I watch sometimes. I don’t buy too many Transformers toys, and watching the toy reviews helps me hold back on buying. There’s a bunch of such channels and EmGo is one of the more popular ones. He has a particular style of humor that may or may not appeal to everyone, but I like him.

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