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I always wish I had kept screenshots of what my blog looked like back during each of the myriad theme changes I've done over the years, as a kind of timeline of how my website aesthetic has evolved (or gotten worse, whatever). I recently found the stylesheets and such for my old django-powered blog from circa 2008-2009, and recently there's been this "10-year challenge" meme where people show how they've changed over the past 10 years. Tt felt like a pefect opportunity to reconstruct that old version and also capture an image of the current version for posterity's sake. I got the HTML for the old version from the Wayback Machine, cleaned it up a bit and had the static files point to the right place. The top menu probably shouldn't look like that, but IDK how to fix it and didn't bother. For developer nostalgia/archive purposes I also uploaded the old Django 1.1.3-powered source code for the site back then over at Github, without the static files unfortunately.

Anyway, here's the screenshots!


roytangnet_2009.png (Click to view full-size)


roytangnet_2019.png (Click to view full-size)

This post was partially inspired by this.

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