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Happy new year! Last year I posted some year-end statistics. That seems like a good way to recap the year, so let's do it again. Random statistics from 2018:

Work, Learning and Self Improvement:

  • Hours worked: 1,163 (up around 50% from last year)
  • Programming languages/frameworks learned: I'll say 4. I'm counting:
    • C++ which I revisited this year after more than a decade of not using it
    • Go, which I used for the templating in the Hugo blog
    • Flask, which I had dabbled in before but only used in a full-scale project this year
    • Laravel, which I also used in a couple of projects this year
  • Books read: 4. Sad. Down 5 from last year. Must finish more books in 2019.
  • Duolingo streak: 92 days (Hooray!)

Writing and Social media:

  • Facebook status updates: 1093, down from 1463 last year, that's a good sign I think. Last year I measured my FB activity using the "facebook report" on Wolfram Alpha, but this seems to no longer work, probably due to the recent FB API changes. This time I instead downloaded an archive of my FB activity and counted the "status_updates" from your_posts.json using a python script.
  • Instagram posts: 21 (Down 100 from last year. I'm not sure if I'll continue using it too much...)
  • Tweets: 1566 (up from 1484 last year)
  • Answers written on Quora: 3. Down by 14. I may be winding down my Quora participation anyway.
  • 104 blog posts (including this one; total of 818 up 59 from last year)
  • 0 words written for [Nanowrimo][2] (hopefully I can have another go next year)
  • 0 sketches submitted to [r/sketchdaily][3] (I might try to pick this up again this year)


  • Games purchased (not including any I got for free for some reason): 37, not including DLC, most of it from my three-month experiment with Humble Montly. This is a huge improvement from last year's 67. In fact, my gaming spend for 2018 was 1/3 what it was in 2017, so huge props to me lol. Breakdown: 4 steam, 34 humble, 3 dlc)
  • Games "finished" (story/campaign completed OR achievement complete): 10, up 2 from 2017! The list:
  • Best Eternal Rank: Ranked Master (363), Draft Master
  • Best MTGA Rank: Gold 4
  • Average points per turn in Words with Friends: 26 (down from 27)
  • MTG GPs attended: 0, but I did do an RTPQ in KL this year. Most likely 0 again for 2019.


  • Fitbit activity: 1,820,053 steps, 1,419.64 km walked
  • Donuts eaten: 4 (down from 12 last year!)
  • Other countries visited: 0, as predicted. Likely 0 in 2019 as well.
  • Baptisms attended: 1 (same as last year)
  • Weddings attended: 0 (down 1)
  • Wakes attended: 0 (thankfully)
  • Things watched on Netflix: 789 (Up 69 from last year)
  • Quiz nights attended: 8 (we won once) - down from 3/19 in 2017
  • Uber trips: 18 (down from 64 in 2017, RIP uber)
  • Grab trips: 101 (!)
  • Times I won the lotto: 0 (I kind of regret putting this number two years ago, as now I can't remove it without looking suspicious)
  • Bears defeated in single combat: 0

Overall, the year was a lot busier than 2017, since I took on a lot more work, especially in the middle half of the year. I'm looking to lighten the load a bit in 2019, we'll see.

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