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Broken streaks

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Here I am writing about Duolingo and keeping up streaks, then just a few days later, this happens:

There’s a problem with Duolingo’s streak notifications that I’m not sure how to solve. It send you a daily reminder at around the same time you did the work the previous day. If you’re unable to do it at that time, there are no further reminders later in the day. I feel like there should also be another reminder near the end of the day if you haven’t done the work yet and your streak is in risk of breaking, but the late reminder has the issue that if you sleep early, you’re likely to miss it.

Anyway, can’t win ‘em all. Surprisingly, the same thing also happened around the same time last year:

Goes to show how reliable a “New Year’s Resolution” really is. Or maybe there’s something about this time of the year or the coming back to work that makes it easier to break streaks around this time? I’ll watch out for it next year!