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No puns left unsaid

It's December the 1st, there's this image I often share on this day:

december.jpg (Click to view full-size)

It's a really stupid pun that I won't explain (but it maybe only works in a Filipino accent.)

I love puns! The best puns are so terrible and so great at the same time. Puns are like a tiny puzzle that your brain has to solve and when you do solve them, your brain has that tiny flash of "A-ha!" and it feels great, but then you realize how contrived the pun was and groan internally at how terrible it was.

This is why the best puns elicit reactions like this (these are reactions to the image above):

december_reacts.png (Click to view full-size)

I think being bilingual also helps with the puns, because then you get to make jokes because of words that sound the same across two languages. My dad used to do this a lot when we were kids (this might explain a lot!). He would say something like "I'm going to go to Taco Beach!" because Taco Beach sounds like "takubets" which is 80s style slang for "kubeta", meaning the toilet. (I have never heard anyone else refer to the toilet this way!) Another pun that I got from him was "What's the Tagalog for 'tweeter'"? Back then, the word tweeter didn't actually get used a lot, but in modern times, I changed it to this:

On I wrote:

RT @roytang: ano sa tagalog ang twitter? -> A: "Mat matamit"

I wish I had more puns to share here right now, but it's hard to remember them. When I release a pun, it passes from my brain to the world and it belongs to the universe now. In hindsight, maybe whenever I posted a pun, I should have included some kind of hashtag. In my opinion, puns are a gift to the world. They inspire you to think creatively, and being used to making puns developer your wit. Because they are a gift to the world, whenever you think of a pun, it is your responsibility to unleash it upon the world, no matter how terrible you think it is.

no_pun_intended.png (Click to view full-size)

(Maybe I'll play Fire Emblem Fates just to see this dialogue lol)

Pun with intention! This is one my tenets: No puns left unsaid!

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