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Github Pages

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I only recently found out about Github pages, which allows you to serve static content out of a Github repository, with a github.io subdomain. You can also point a domain name to it if you want (I haven’t tried that yet). It’s a quick and easy way to host a static site for free.

Here’s mine: roytang.github.io and the corresponding repo. There isn’t really anything there right now, I just put up some links so I’d have something. In theory since this blog is using static content now, I could host it on there. I’m running a few other apps on my current webhost (Webfaction - affiliate link) though so I don’t think I’ll be moving soon. (and I besides, I kinda just prepaid for the next year.)

I’ve seen some people put a second blog there. Or maybe I could host my resume there. IDK. Any ideas?