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This might surprise you, but I tried my hand at writing fanfiction back in the day. Most of it was Final Fantasy-related (as that was what I was really into back then) and the odd Ranma 1/2 one (mainly because I was a member of an anime-focused fanfic collective, called the "Nikholas F Toledo Zu" for inside joke reasons, writing under the name "Vector").

Anyway, I'm not exceptionally proud of the writings, but I like having all my work available on this blog/website/whatever, so I've added them at this link: Fanfiction. Give them a read, if you'd like. The Final Fantasy ones are also available at my user page on The Ranma one I can't find anywhere else on the web, for some reason.

It was kind of fun going through these again. Hmm, since I've been having trouble finishing original fiction projects, maybe I should try my hand at Fanfiction again, might be easier? I'll think about it.

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