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Into the Spider-Verse spoiler-free review

- this is a great animated comic book movie, it makes me happy
- I may have been a bit overhyped by the early reviews, but it was very entertaining, funny and had brilliant presentation, melding the medium of movies with comic books in a way that has never been seen before
- again, the presentation is fantastic, the animation is great and intentional and the funky alternate universe stuff is represented well
- IDK if I would call it the best comic book movie of all time, or even the best Spider-Man movie of all time, but definitely one of the best animated movies of all time, for a comic book fan (highly specific lol)
- in fact, much respect to the writers who dared to bring this story to life. imagine the challenge of pitching a story idea to Sony about not just one new Spider-man, but several alternate universe versions of them. It’s not exactly comparable to a Disney movie plot after all, but they pulled it off
- between this movie and the PS4 game, I’m happy that Miles is making further inroads into the cultural zeitgeist
- Miles appearance here reminds me of Hey Arnold’s black friend lol
- maybe I would have appreciated the movie a bit more if I was into hip-hop or such
- comic book fans will be happy to know that this movie does *not* follow the actual Spider-Verse comic book arc along with its convoluted background of the inheritors. The plot and the opposition are much more straightforward
- Will Mama like it? Well …like all animated movies, with enough viewings at home by my nieces/nephews, maybe.
- This movie has the best post-credits scene of all time

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Dominic Ortega said...

I would watch it but on the off chance that even a centavo of my money is going to go to Robbie Rodriguez or Saladin Ahmed, etc, no thanks.