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Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover spoiler-free review!

- if you’re not aware, episode 1 - Flash S05E09, episode 2 - Arrow S07E09, episode 3 - Supergirl S04E09
- I don’t usually review TV show crossovers but TBH I can’t recall any other any TV show crossovers and I just really, really enjoyed this one
- basically a love letter to DC comics fans, a celebration of dc comics/TV/movies from the past four decades, and apparently a prelude of things to come. Non-comicbook fans might not be as happy as me lol
- all three episodes were great (middle episode slightly worse because Arrow lol), I was smiling all the time and apploauding all the references

- frankly not everything made sense, but I’ll forgive it (I mean, have you *read* crisis on infinite earths? lol

- bonus: for more zaniness, also watch this week’s Legend’s of Tomorrow, they didn’t want to be outdone!

- I also watched Aquaman today, and that was fine (review later) but I decided to write a review of this crossover first!
- tonight’s reading list (image attached)

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Luis Formilleza said...

Next year's crossover storyline daw is Crisis on Infininte Earths. Dangerous for Kara and Barry.

Oliver Quiray said...

Gideon: you missed a call from barry allen, oliver queen, and kara zor-el ray palmer: sounds like the annual crossover Wow, meta hahaha