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During the past few years, I’ve started following more artists (mostly comic-book related) on social media. Seeing the occasional art post wander across my feeds is often a welcome respite from the terrible news in the world today. I thought I’d share some of my favorites!

Jim Lee is a comic book icon and for me his very detailed and elaborate pencils epitomize 90s comic art and his style still heavily influences many newer artists today. He often posts his drawings on his instagram and he also has a Twitch channel where he occasionally livestreams himself drawing. I’m watching the stream right now as I’m typing this post! (Actually I should maybe follow more artists on Twitch…)

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Marcio Takara is a relatively new comic book artist I discovered a couple of years ago. I haven’t actually read too many of his comic book work, but I am a big fan of his instagram where he’s always posting finished works and WIPs. His linework isn’t as detailed as Jim Lee, it’s a completely different and more cartoony style, but I like it. And his coloring is spot-on too! He also has a website.

Kenneth Rocafort was an artist I discovered when DC had their “New 52” reboot, his DC work includes Red Hood and the Outlaws and Superman. I’m a fan of his detailed pencils and his color work. He has an instagram and a twitter and he posts regularly, especially his drawings in a small notebook.

Andrea Sorrentino is an Italian comic book artist. I first encountered him doing the later part of the New 52 Green Arrow for DC. He later went on to do Old Man Logan and Uncanny X-Men work for Marvel. He seems to like working with Jeff Lemire. While writing this post, I found out they’re currently doing a series for Image called Gideon Falls, now I want to read it! His illustrations and colors always have this surreal, otherworldly feel. He has a twitter, but he doesn’t post his art there too much (other than sharing posts from others). He has a website that showcases his work.

Click Burgundy/Hungry Clicker is an artist I found on Twitter somehow, I don’t know much about him other than he does great character portraits. He has a more anime aesthetic, and he draws mostly anime and fighting game characters, with the occasional character from some other pop culture like comic books etc.

The Art of Animation is a Tumblr blog that showcases art from different artists with a varied set of art styles. Many of the works are super detailed and most are really good. The variety of styles means you might not like all the posts, but following them can be good for finding new styles you like.

That’s it for now! If you want to recommend other artists to follow, feel free to comment below or hit me up on Twitter!

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