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When I dream I live in a different house

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I’ve noticed that when I dream I live in a different house. In the dreams, “home” is not the home that I live in now. Instead it’s the “home” I grew up in. It’s my grandparents’ house, where we lived until the right after the turn of the millenium.

That house is no longer there; I’ve mentioned it before. But when I manage to remember my dreams it seems like it’s still “home” for me. I distinctly remember some dreams where I come home to that rusty metal gate. I can’t remember any instance where I recognize my current home in a dream.

I wonder why that is? I’m going to guess that my subconscious still considers that old house as “home”, despite not having lived there for almost 18 years now. I don’t know whether this is a common thing for people who have moved houses or I’m just especially attached to that house and the associated childhood memories.