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Ten years ago this month, I started studying Django by trying to build my own blog application. I found the code lying around while I was going through some backups lately. It's way out of date, it uses an early version of django. I thought of bringing it up to speed, but that didn't seem practical. Instead, for archival purposes, I cleaned it up a bit and uploaded the code to a github repo. (Helpful github immediately warned me that having a very old version of Django was a security risk lol). There's a lot more information in the of that repo. I actually used this as my main blog engine for a while before I decided the maintenance effort wasn't worth it and switched to WordPress.

Tangent: I'm not actually 100% happy with WordPress, and when I found this old code I was tempted to maybe trying building Yet Another Blog Application (TM), except maybe using the opportunity to learn some other framework. My 2018 personal to-do list is already way too long though.

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