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VENOM spoiler-free review:

  • I wasn't sure if I would watch this, given the poor critical response, but it's an ok movie overall, fun to watch but nothing to write home about (though I wouldnt spend extra for Imax). I would say comparable with Thor: Dark World or Iron Man 2
  • the first 15 mins or so felt draggy, but after that things happen quickly
  • overall plot slightly predictable, and not too long, very straightforward
  • a tiny bit of humor thrown in, not enough to make it feel like an MCU movie
  • not sure if there's something with the sound editing or some of the actors weren't delivering their lines properly, but I had trouble with understanding the lines in some scenes
  • the Venom symbiote seems to have some extra powers here (as compared to the comics)
  • Tom Hardy does a good job here, I feel like he was having fun during this movie
  • There is a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene
  • Would Mama like it? Hard no.

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