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Posted on r/tipofmyjoystick: [Famicom][Unknown year] Side scrolling RPG-ish metroidvania

Platform(s): Famicom (probably no NES version)

Genre: RPG/Platformer/Metroidvania

Estimated year of release: Famicom era, so sometime 1986-1990 maybe

Graphics/art style: Side-scrolling 2d graphics. The environment was all in, uh, I want to say “blocks” (like a mario game I guess?), with the main character being like 1.5-2 blocks high.

Notable characters: The main (and only) character was I think some kind of bluish knight kind of person with a sword.

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Other details: A friend and I played it back in the Famicom days, we had to study katakana/hiragana to figure out how to advance. It was some sort of primitive metroidvania-style 2d platformer with exploratory elements. This is all I have to go on unfortunately. Any help would be greatly appreciated!