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July 2018: Gaming Update from 2011

It has been a while since I had a bit of free time (work is busy busy busy). I thought I would post about something here. And I’ve decided (just now), that I need to post more frivolous things, a bit of dumb blogging as some might say. Today I will talk about what games I’ve been playing in the whatever little spare time I’ve been able to scrounge up. I find that if I don’t distract myself with some gaming, my brain tends to overthink about silly things like problems and deadlines that I can’t do anything about anyway. Most of these are for Steam, because someone borrowed my PS4 and hasn’t given it back yet.


  • I started playing Borderlands 2 again after I randomly saw a friend playing it on Steam and I invited him to a coop. I had forgotten that I had finished this before on console with my brother, but WTH it’s fun and there are achievements to be had. And there’s a bunch of silly quests like this one:

    I haven't done this quest yet, because I currently have like 150k of in-game money and discovered that dying takes away 7% of my total. Not sure where I want to spend that money though lol
    • I’ve also been playing Skyrim, as I’m only one achievement away from completion, but that last achievement requires so much grinding (need to kill a legendary dragon) that it’s a bit of a drag. This is my second “full” playthrough of the game, where “full” = I didn’t just spend 15 minutes in character generation and then get bored before even getting to Rivenwood. My first run was with the vanilla version of the game when it first came out in 2011 (yup, I’ve been playing this game on and off for 7 years), and during this second run I’ve managed to complete the DLC content as well. I still enjoy Skyrim, despite its age, and I have a lot of thoughts, it probably deserves its own blog post as a full review. As soon as I kill that legendary dragon.

      Such scintillating conversations in this game
      • For some unfathomable reason I also started Beat Hazard again after I randomly decided to purchase a network switch on Lazada. The network switch means my Steam Link is alive again and I can now tolerate playing Beat Hazard since I get to sit on a couch some distance from the TV. It’s a fun game although it does tend to give one eyestrain if you play too long. And there’s a ton of achievements too and they seem totally achievable despite this being an action game (Obviously my secondary motivator for picking up old games again, aside from fun, is achievements – maybe I’ll pick up Hoard again soon lol)

      • Eternal of course, one of my daily habits. I’m actually also one achievement away from completing this, which is the draft master one. I started my draft master run about a week ago with around 42,000 gold, let’s see if that’s enough to get me there by end of month. So far I’m at 16,000+ gold left and only at gold, doesn’t seem likely I can make it. The new draft format seems fun though. I’ve actually gotten a lot of playtime out of Eternal considering it’s F2P for me.

        I've actually played enough Eternal that I regularly make Master rank (usually within the last week of the month) and my favorite was when I beat the top-ranked player at that time (I mulliganned this hand obviously)
        • Still doing my once a week Street Fighter V sessions, although it’s really tough to find online matches, not sure if it’s because I’m perpetually stuck in bronze. I am net earning FM though, and my favorite character Cody just came out so that’s cool. I won some money on Paydro the other day which was conveniently just enough to purchase his prisoner costume. Cody’s SFV version feels so weird without the rock though lol.

          This is probably the only costume I'm willing to pay for in this game
          • I also recently started going through the tutorials of Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend, but I’ve only done like 2-3 play sessions so far. Probably won’t do this too often as I’m terrible with the ArcSys games so I can’t really dedicate too much time to them. But I like how they look and I think I got this from some Humble Bundle, so probably better to play this than spend money on Cross Tag Battle which I would be equally bad at.
          • All of the above I’m playing on Steam, but this month’s PS+ also gave me Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma on Vita which I had been eyeing on steam so it’s a little bit of a lucky break. I played (and platinum’ed the second game VLR on the Vita as well, although I’ve never played the first game 999.)  Hopefully I find some time for it, I imagine it’s the sort of game where I need some focused time to play it.

        Whenever people ask me if I’m looking forward to game XX coming out in a few months, I now often reply “I’m still trying to finish games from 2011!", this is so true. I mean, when people ask if I’m getting a Nintendo Switch and there’s like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Octopath Traveller, Mario Odyssey and so on, which is like two or three hundred hours of gameplay altogether, where am I gonna find time for that? Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out early next year and I still have maybe another 100-200 hours of games from the 1.5+2.5 collection to get through. The one upcoming release that I am seriously tempted by is Insomniac’s PS4 Spider-Man game (no surprise there). Somehow when I was in college I had time to play lots of RPGs and stuff, but being a working guy really eats away at your gaming time. (That and I should probably be reading more, natch.)

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