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It has been a while since I had a bit of free time (work is busy busy busy). I thought I would post about something here. And I've decided (just now), that I need to post more frivolous things, a bit of dumb blogging as some might say. Today I will talk about what games I've been playing in the whatever little spare time I've been able to scrounge up. I find that if I don't distract myself with some gaming, my brain tends to overthink about silly things like problems and deadlines that I can't do anything about anyway.

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It’s beautiful. Yet I must destroy it. @WordsWFriends
Morris Tan lol
I was told I should draft white #mtgnationalsph
I realized that the amount I won from Paydro yesterday was just enough to cover the cost of Cody's nostalgia costume in SFV, so it's back to prison garb for the mayor of Metro City lol
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #57
This paydro thing is waaaaay easier than hq
Day 10 of 10 posters of my favorite movies!
I enjoyed this meme, despite finding it difficult at first to come up with a list of 10. I was tempted to talk about each movie in turn, but the original meme said to post without explanation. Perhaps when I am not busy I will instead make a blog post about it.
Posters of my favorite movies #9 out of 10!
I feel obliged to tag Raymond Lirag (hindi pwede si David e lol)
Day 8 of 10 of posting posters of my favorite movies!
Survey: Do you think toilet paper rolls should be placed over or under? For reference:
Day 7 of 10 of posting posters of my favorite movies!
Follow-up to last night's tweet: Looks like there was an edit battle last night on Tito Sotto's wikipedia page. The Pepsi Paloma case is currently no longer on the page
Day 6 of 10 of posting posters of my favorite movies!
Day 5 of 10 of posting my favorite movie posters (suko na muna sa drawing, walang time). I was nominated by a mystery person. I nominate Josiah Tendero Habana to carry on this fine tradition.
All comments to this post must be expressed as a quote from this movie.
How to heart surgery

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