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This book was on sale on Amazon Kindle a while back, I figured I'd give it a whirl. Some years ago I had read one of the author's previous books, The Four Hour Workweek, and I wasn't too impressed. It was interesting at least, but a lot of the advice seemed either difficult to apply to my personal situation or involved doing stuff I wasn't really interested in (i.e. sales and marketing and whatnot).

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I had an out of country trip last weekend to Kuala Lumpur to play Magic, but I was a bit tempted to not write about it all. The reason being that inevitably after one of these MTG-related trips the first thing people ask me is “Nanalo ka ba?" (Did you win?) and this time, the answer was sadly no. (Let's get the spoilers out of the way early shall we.) However, I realized that not all stories have to have happy endings.

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Whenever I break my duolingo streak, I just take a couple of weeks away from it before I start it back up. In the meantime, the app will passive agressivle try to shame me
Day 4 of 10, drawing/posting posters of my favorite movies. I was nominated by David Ramirez. I am cheating again because I didn't bother drawing this poster. I thought about it, but was not confident enough that I would be able to capture Cruise/Nicholson/Moore's likenesses and the drawing would be too hard to recognize so w/e. I'm tired of nominating people so I'll stop lol
I totally had more important things to do, but it was there so…
Day 3 of 10, drawing posters of my favorite movies. I was nominated by David Ramirez and I nominate Brian Jefferson Tan to also choose his 10 favorite movies and post their posters (or draw them, pwede din)
Dear @WordsWFriends can I turn off your loot boxes? I’m never going to use them! I’m even at maximum coins!
I've been nominated by David Ramirez to choose my 10 favorite films. I don't feel like the poster thing either, instead I'll (attempt to) draw the poster!
This is #1 of 10. I nominate Kerwin Tang (the nominee can just do the poster, no need to draw. Pero pwede din lol)
We scrubbed out of the team unified standard rptq so i just decided to open 6 #iconicmasters packs #mtg #badbeats
Hello darkness my old friend

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