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BLACK PANTHER spoiler-free review!

  • it's a fun, action-filled romp and Wakanda is amazing
  • tchalla was ok, killmonger and nakia were great, shuri was badass
  • some of the actions scenes didnt seem too well-shot/edited, making them hard to follow
  • I realize I'm saying this about a universe where there are talking raccoons and magic hammers, but some of the Wakandan tech push the boundaries of my suspension of disbelief
  • my expectations were probably set a bit too high what with some people saying it's the best MCU movie since Iron Man or calling it revolutionary or eye-opening
  • off the top of my head I'd say I consider Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok better than this one
  • I understand that it's revolutionary in the sense that it's a major hollowood motion picture filled with a cast of mostly african descent and that some of the characters are motivated by real world racial issues. But the plot itself was typical for an MCU first movie (maybe I've seen too many MCU movies? lol). I dont think it presents the issues it covers under any new or revolutionary context. I guess I kind of went in hoping to be impressed on the level of The Dark Knight or such, but I was disappointed in that regard. It's a very straightforward movie
  • I didn't watch in Imax, which I kind of regret, as I can imagine some of the scenes being pretty good
  • Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Possibly, pero baka mahirapan sya intindihin accent ni Chadwick Boseman
  • There's a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene
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David Ramirez said...

We watched it in 4d. I think the motion chairs might reduce dizziness compared to 3d as there's less of a decoupling between inner ear and vision. Maybe the main flaw for me is that Jordan is more charismatic than Boseman. The women characters were more charismatic than all the men, actually. Anyway, liked it. Was not too bothered by the Wakandan tech, given what we saw in WW2 with the Red Skull. Real-world-wise it made me wonder again about why is it among Asian peoples, we did not build in stone. Indonesia, Cambodia, etc, they have all these impressive pre colonial structures. South America had multiple cultures that built amazing things with bronze age tools, and despite having trade with China and iron tools, no stone cities and no stone temples in the Philippines....

Mylee Ejercito said...

We're islanders and didn't feel compelled to build anything?

Jon Limjap said...

We settled waaay later than everyone else, and then got colonized way earlier. Angkor Wat was constructed during the Dark Ages, which if I am correct was a time when the Balangays were still making their way through the islands.