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Around four years ago (give or take a few days), one of my many Twitter interactions with Globe Telecom's CS account went a little bit viral due to them trying to justify their Fair Use Policy by calling 3% of their users “rotten bananas”. Apparently I didn't bother writing on the blog about it back then, so I thought I'd do it now. View post on The exchange went a tiny bit viral on social media, with friends telling me about people I don't know sharing the image of the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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I decided to try learning some 3d modeling. For the past couple of weeks I've been following this beginner Blender tutorial where I had to make donuts. (Link to the tutorial series on Youtube.) Here's my output!(click for full size) This image took around 40 minutes to render. I had to do 2000 samples per tile which is why it was so slow. I was getting too much noise/graininess at lower sampling rates.

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Tabs vs spaces
When the movie comes out, I want Forrest Whitaker to play this diner guy. Also, I tried out the demo for a bit, feels pretty much like the console version, I'm not sure what I expected
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PSA. (Let's hope it's not terrible)
Natawa ako kay past me so I'll share it
Companies today
. @CivGame Rise and Fall priced at P1065. I have P1095.90 in my Steam Wallet. Coincidence? Or Destiny?

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